The Case of the Devil Complex

by doughnutmanifesto

If you feel you have lost your mission, your oomph, if you feel confused, slightly off, then look for the devil, the ambusher of the soul within your own psyche. If you cannot see, hear, catch it in the act, assume it is at work, and above all, stay awake – no matter how tired you become, no matter how sleepy, no matter how much you want to shut your eyes to your true work.

In reality when a woman has a devil complex, it occurs exactly like this:

She is walking along, doing well, minding her own business, and all of a sudden – boom! the devil jumps out, and all her good work loses energy, begins to limp, coughs, 
coughs some more, and finally falls over. 

The demon complex, using the word of the ego, attacks one’s creativity, one’s ideas and dreams. In the tale, it appears as an inner ridicule or cheapening of a woman’s experience of the underworld.

The devil lies, and says a woman’s time in the underworld has produced a brute,
when in fact it has produced a beautiful child.

When various saints wrote that they wrestled to keep faith with their chosen god, that they were all night assailed by the devil, who burnt their ears with words meant to weaken their resolve, shook their eyeballs loose with horrible apparitions, and in general dragged their souls over broken glass, they were speaking of this phenomenon, the devil jumping out.

This psychic ambush is meant to loosen your faith not only in yourself but in the very careful and delicate work you are doing in the unconscious.



– Women Who Run With The Wolves